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Art Houz is now District North

Art Houz Theaters was a great place but it was actually a whole lot more than a theater which is what everyone associated the building with. The theaters are still there, in fact they’ve had themselves a sweet little name change to Downtown Cinemas, paying respect to our location in downtown Las Vegas. But in addition to the cinemas, we’re planning on housing several new additions. One of those additions is already there in Naomi’s Island Cafe who had previously been catering and doing pop-ups, now have a brick and mortar to share their unique and incredibly delicious Caribbean cuisine.

We’re also working on adding some other food and beverage options in the coming weeks to really offer a great variety and become more of a destination to our area in downtown Las Vegas. Ultimately though, we hope to remind everyone that we are a venue with space that can host anywhere from 10 people to 500 for a variety of events. We’ve hosted conferences, meetings, baby shower, weddings, parties….a huge range of activities for a huge range of reasons. We love playing the role of bringing people together in a fun and styling setting. Our theater rentals are perfect for large groups to get together to watch a movie or a sporting event together.

If you’re visiting downtown Las Vegas, come and pay us a visit. If you’re looking to host an event, feel free to reach out!

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