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We all appreciate the benefits of team building activities to keep a productive workplace in sync and we’ve had the pleasure of hosting many at our locations. Our downtown locale is an obvious bonus but so are our theaters (have your team watch a classic movie together) plus our bar and restaurant can see you having fun drinking and dining and performing trust falls together. Reach out to see if we’re a good fit for your next team building event.


An increasingly popular event at District North is team building activities and exercises. Let us host your company retreat as you work through ways to bring your staff together. Have a large gathering to address the full team before heading to break-out rooms for a more intimate setting. Our own team can help to prepare a successful team building event to inspire and admire. Who doesn’t love a trust fall!

A popular team building activity is also watching a movie together. Rent out one of our theaters and join together to eat, drink and view one of your favorite flicks.

We’ve done a lot of different activities for our team building activities but our recent event at District North will be remembered for a while. Staff and management had a great time and having all the facilities, including the theater, in the one spot really made it easier for us

August 2022

There are a number of reasons for having your next team building event at District North:

– It’s off the strip
– It’s more intimate
– It’s more cost-effective
– It’s unique

Get your staff or clients away from the craziness of the Las Vegas Strip, better parking options, more interesting gaming opportunities, plus some pretty cool hotels some with a great of history at much better value. Gambling at the casinos downtown can also be more fun as minimums are lower and your dollars can go further. Your guests will thank you!

If you’re interested in looking at District North for your team building venue, then feel free to reach out to us directly and we’ll be happy to discuss some options.


Looking for a venue that can host up to 500?


The District North Restaurant & Bar

The District North Restaurant & Bar with its breathtaking views of Downtown Las Vegas, is 4,000 square feet of event space ideal for entertaining large parties of standing or seated guests.

The View at District North

The View @ District North is our largest space in downtown Las Vegas. We can cater to up to 500 guests which is perfect for keynotes speakers, panels or more popular topics.

District North Theater Auditorium

Seven luxury cinemas featuring digital surround sound, stadium seating for unobstructed views, reclining leather seats, swivel tables, and in-theater dining.

Team Building Testimonials

Wow, we wanted something a little different and unique for what we call our "team collaboration day" and this was a great one. We got to work together and play together all at the same place. I think this will be an annual event!

Company from Los Angeles
March 2022

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